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Beetles Galore!

These little treasures went on display in the Armidale Mall as part of the Streets as Shared Spaces Program funded by NSW Government in conjunction with Armidale Regional Council and Renew Armidale.


Their purpose was to build connection between community organisations, enliven and delight the community, and encourage discussions around the environment and art.


They are made with modelling clay, papier-mâché, cardboard and painted with acrylics.

March/April 2021.

Community Engagement - postcards

As part of the community engagement aspect of the project I designed postcards and invited members of the public to ‘post’ their story in my Christmas Beetle mailbox. These were then collected and popped on display for passers-by to enjoy! The variety of stories was surprising. Here are a few:

Summer in the New England

These beetle rocks were created for the Summer in the New England micro grant which was a New England Writers' Centre & Create NSW initiative.

As part of the grant I interviewed locals about their experience of summer in the New England region and created a series of micro stories. From these stories several themes emerged including Christmas Beetles. I turned my drawing of a Christmas Beetle into stickers placing them on 52 rocks which were popped around the Blue Hole walking track in our local National Park.

QR codes on the back of the rocks directed people to the micro stories and information about the project. There was a flurry of excitement as people discovered rocks and one month later I was thrilled to discover all had been found! March/April 2021

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